Student Program

ATLi’s student programme provides an unrivalled opportunity to gain valuable work experience before you complete your studies. We run a structured internship programme for students and recent graduates in a wide range of international locations.


Our interns are able to gain first-hand experience of specific aspects of the logistics industry, from customs and shipping to tech systems and warehousing, all within a structured professional environment. Internship with ATLi opens doors and breaks down international boundaries, presenting career and personal development opportunities that would not otherwise be available to students.


Interns are usually assigned to a specific department in order to provide them with the enrichment opportunities afforded by working with a dedicated team that has the time and resources to get to know them. If you are looking to gain first-hand experience of today’s fast-moving logistics environment, an internship with ATLi could be just what you need to stand out above the competition. Contact us today to find out more.